Grant Horsfield Wants To Get HSBC And Coca-Cola “Naked”

Grant Horsfield, founder of Shanghai-based resort and co-working space operator naked Group, always sees things differently.

When others saw dilapidated farm houses in China's countryside, he envisioned seclusive luxury resorts. Now, a year after entering China's co-working space, the South African entrepreneur is convinced that the future of his multi-pronged hospitality and property business lies in fast execution.

The tomorrow of the co-working business model is moving HSBC or Coca-Cola from their "ugly offices" to much cooler and lively spaces, such as his own shared office unit naked Hub, Horsfield said at the annual MIPIM Asia Summit in Hong Kong last week, not hiding his disdain for "cubicles" and "grey boxes" commonly seen at rigid corporate headquarters.

Co-working should not just be ...

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