Chinese Internet Shopping Security Alliance To Be Established

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Chinese anti-virus solution provider Kingsoft says it will join hands with e-commerce service provider, online payment provider Alipay, and browser platform Maxthon to launch an online shopping security platform to meet the ever-increasing risks faced by online shoppers.

The alliance will take measures on anti-phishing websites, viruses and online shopping safety by making use of each party's security technologies.

It is learned that the total value of China's online shopping business will reach CNY500 billion in 2009, but computer viruses and other unsafe factors are expected to cause a total loss of CNY7.6 billion to the e-commerce users in the meantime. The latest statistics of China Internet Network Information Center show that by November 22, 2009, about 8342 phising websites had been identified, and the website of Tencent, Ta...

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