Rising Cooperates With Partners To Provide Online Safety Service

News Source: ChinaTechNews.com

In recognition of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, Chinese online security service provider Rising has formally launched an initiative called "3-15 Safety Service Month" in cooperation with its partners to provide security services for its users.

Under the program, Rising will work with over a dozen websites, including Taobao.com, Alipay, Xunlei.com, The9, 9you.com and Giant Network, to fight websites that have been hacked and are zombies for disseminating phishing attacks. In addition, they will spread online security knowledge to users and provide them with free online diagnostic services.

The websites with which Rising is working on the initiative have users covering nearly every sector of China's internet Industry, which makes it possible for the Internet environment to be cleansed in a short term.

Rising will provide the saf...

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