Alipay Enters Australia Through Partnership With Paymate

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Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has announced in Hangzhou the launching of Hai Wai Bao, a new Chinese shopping platform which has been jointly set up between Alipay and Australia's online payment company Paymate.

Earlier this year, Alipay signed a cooperation agreement with Paymate. The cooperation between the parties enables Chinese consumers to do shopping directly on websites in Australia that have been embedded with Paymate's payment tool.

Alipay's entry into Australia is believed to be a challenge for Paypal, an online payment service provided by eBay which reportedly began to force users in Australia to use their payment tool since May this year and as a result was put under an anti-monopolization investigation by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

As of now, Alipay has signed 200 businesses in a dozen count...

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