Five Chinese Electric Vehicle Start-Ups That Could Rival Tesla

Across China's 9.6 million square kilometers of land, there was never a shortage of ambition. So too with the electric vehicle revolution. Despite being a late comer to the EV craze, the country's start-ups are not shy about aiming high. At least half-a-dozen Chinese EV start-ups – not including traditional car makers going green – have made Tesla their primary benchmark and chief competitor.

These EV start-ups, all established in the past two to three years, want to compete with Tesla both globally and on its home turf, the United States. But considering that no Chinese car brand currently sells in the U.S., it would require nothing short of a miracle to realize these audacious plans. If gasoline-powered cars from China were never able to crack the U.S. market, will EV makers be different?

It turns out their biggest weakness cou...

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