Qunar Eyes A Seat In China’s Crowded On-Demand Ride Market

As if the Chinese on-demand ride market is not crowded enough, Qunar.com is eyeing to carve out a piece of the action for itself after expanding its new on-demand ride unit to cover 68 cities in China and 89 international locations.

Only five months old, Qunar's owns and operates the several hundred thousand cars and buses itself, different from its rivals such as DiDi Chuxing, where private car owners provide the rides.

The online travel agency also specifically targets the Chinese tourism sector, providing mainly to-and-from airport transportation and other travel-related ride needs.

In China, millions of people commute to and from airports and other transportation hubs everyday using on-demand ride share mobile apps and public transportation.

Qunar established a separate business unit in January to develop financial serv...

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