Does Alibaba’s Move Have The Power To Forge Better Indo-China Ties?

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Alibaba president J. Michael Evans recently told Indian local media that the group plans to enter the Indian e-commerce market in 2016.

According to Evans, they are looking for e-commerce opportunities in the Indian market and feel excited to enter this marketplace. He revealed that Alibaba is evaluating various opportunities of building organized businesses; meanwhile, they are also seeking other deals.

Evans said they had already invested in the payment and e-commerce sectors in India and they will have a detailed strategy in 2017. Alibaba previously invested in Paytm, a third-party payment platform, and Snapdeal, a local e-commerce platform, in India.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, minister of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India, said that they hope that Alibaba could enter India and have a smooth development in the...

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