PayPal Ends Cooperation With Alibaba In China

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PayPal, the third-party Internet payment platform of eBay, has announced that it will terminate its cooperation with AliExpress, the worldwide site of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, from August 3, 2011.

PayPal said on its official blog that to provide quality services to users around the world, PayPal insists on making regular evaluations of its businesses and relationships with its partners. After a regular audit on the cooperation of PayPal and Alibaba, the company decided that starting from August 3, 2011, PayPal will end its cooperation with AliExpress and stop providing Internet payment services on the website. PayPal did not disclose the detailed reasons for the termination, but it could be related to Alibaba's own online payment subsidiary Alipay creating conflicts in the PayPal relationship.

However, Alibaba believes that t...

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