Dangdang.com Provides Home Return Service In 800 Chinese Cities

News Source: ChinaTechNews.com

Chinese Internet retailer Dangdang.com has announced that they will launch a home return and refund service in 800 Chinese cities.

From now on, netizens who want to return their goods bought from Dangdang.com only need to submit a return application on the website, and staff from Dangdang.com will go to pickup the goods and issue a refund.

According to Dangdang.com, the process for the return application is quite simple: within seven days of the delivery, if the purchased products meet the conditions for return and they are kept as when they were sold, customers can login to their accounts on Dangdang.com to submit the return application. Dangdang.com's service staff will contact the customers for the related issues of the return in two to three working days, and will send staff to the customers to process the return. After a face-to-face exa...

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