China Telecom Chongqing To Promote Mobile Payment On Campuses

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The China Telecom Chongqing branch has launched a new mobile payment platform for students, aiming to promote the information development on campuses via the Internet of Things technologies.

With this platform, various cards, including student cards, cafeteria cards, and library cards can be integrated into mobile phones to realize real-time management and control as well as small payment services. The new technology can turn a common mobile phone into a master key, wallet, and identification card, to help students in Chongqing complete various activities on the campuses.

Apart from applications on campuses, the platform can also be used in social payments at different venues, including the subway, movie theaters, and restaurants.

According to China Telecom Chongqing, the company has signed agreements with 13 schools in Chongqing, incl...

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