Chinese Websites Exposed For Illegally Selling Medicines

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China's State Food and Drug Administration has exposed five websites that were found selling medicines without proper approval.

The websites are which sells Moxue Xianfu'an in the name of Merck Serono China; which sells Moke Huoyi Jiang Tang Tablet in the name of China Renhe Diabetes Research Institute; which sells Huoyi Shenjin Tablet in the name of China Clinical Medicine Association Renji Diabetes Research Institute; which sells Moxue Meiluoxin in the name of Beijing Merck Serono Company; and which sells Moxue Mianfu'an in the name of China Facioplegia Recovery Website.

In addition, SFDA has cancelled the license of Lida branded Lida Weigu Jian Capsule and revoked its approval number of Guoshi Jianzi G20060438.


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