CNNIC: China Has 160 Million Online Video Users

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China Internet Network Information Center's latest report on China's online video sector shows that there have been 160 million online video users in China, or one online video user in every 1.3 netizens.

The report shows that China's online video users earn higher salaries than the ordinary netizens. 44.7% of them are female and 30% of them earn more than CNY2000 each month. The report says home is the main site for the users to use online video services.

The report says that users' browsing habits and the recommendations made by social networking groups are the two main ways for users to gain access to a new online video site, and those ways account for 65.9% and 63.7%, respectively.

The report also shows that TV soap operas, films, sports and finance are the main topics entertain Chinese online video users. CNNIC believes this will d...

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