Isentia Verifies WGSN’s China: Top Fashion Influencers Report

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Hong Kong, China, January 31, 2018 / - Media Release


Isentia Verifies WGSN’s China: Top Fashion Influencers Report

Hong Kong – 31 January 2018 – Leading media intelligence company, Isentia (ASX: ISD), provided crucial data to WGSN, the global trend authority for fashion and creative industries, in publishing the paid report China: Top Fashion Influencers (the Report).

The Report reveals top fashion key opinion leaders of the burgeoning influencer market in China and provides the latest insights to help businesses spot opportunities for growing brand presence. It is one of the first WGSN reports from Greater China combining the trend forecasting with the KOL quantitative analysing model of Isentia. The Report has been receiving overwhelmingly positive responses from WSGN subscribers since its release on 5 January 2018.

The Report, which was produced with the aid of Isentia’s Data Verified Mark, rounds-up the Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan fashion influencers with the highest influence power by measuring metrics like Weibo follower numbers, total engagement (including the number of “Likes” and interactions throughout January to November 2017) and specifically the engagements during the four global fashion weeks in 2017. The Report, now available for WGSN subscribers’ download, provides useful tips for brands to boost their growth by leveraging on KOL marketing and pointers for collaboration with top China KOLs such as Gogoboi, Tao Liang (Mr. Bags) and Han Huo Huo.

KOLs opinion and engagement with followers could influence their brand preference and purchase intent. “KOL marketing provides strong social cues with visuals featuring styling preferences followed by user generated discussions. It is a powerful tool to build brand affinity and product purchase intent,” said Eden Lau, Isentia’s Regional Director.

Due to cultural diversity and language barrier, it is often difficult for foreign brands to fit perfectly with local tastes. KOL marketing is a good solution for that. KOLs, who are engaging millions of followers, are a rich and important source for Chinese consumers to access to the latest fashion knowledge and trending styling tips which could dove-tail with the taste of local audiences. They are able to inspire and shape young, middle-class lifestyles and their shopping behaviour.

“Chinese consumers are still very new in their upper middle-class lifestyles, which makes them open to buying anything new,” Eden Lau said. “Their highly connected lifestyles and the ease of shopping online add to the impact influencers have on what fashion consumers look and shop for.”

China is a huge and complicated market, flooded with spams and paid engagements. Evaluating KOL performance accurately and picking those who could well fit with social campaign owner’s brand have always been a big challenge. Isentia applied its expertise, cumulated over years, and utilized machine learning technology and quantitative model analysis to overcome that in this Report.

“The Report is Isentia's first project with WGSN. We are happy to see that WGSN editors find that our quantitative analysis can make their works more powerful and convincing,” Mr Lau concluded.


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