My Visit To Mobike Headquarters And What I Learned From Founder Hu Weiwei

In late July, I did a tour of Mobike’s headquarters in Beijing – and I had a fascinating talk with founder Hu Weiwei and VP of International Expansion Chris Martin. It was a fantastic experience and I left with a much better appreciation of the rocket-ship ride the company has been on. I am writing up three (more serious) business articles on the bike-sharing business from this experience. But here is a summary of my trip – and then five big things I learned.

Arriving at Mobike HQ: Wait, Have I Been Here Before?

The Mobike headquarters is near the Liangmaqiao subway station in northern Beijing. So on the way there, I got a nice walk along the river (canal?). And, of course, I couldn’t help but notice all the on-demand bikes on way. These days these bikes are mostly Mobike and Ofo. This is a change from 6 months ago when +30 companies had rush...

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