Will Shared Phone Chargers Be The Next Big Thing In China?

It’s hard to predict which new products will take off and which will flop. The Segway was launched in 2001 to much media interest, but quickly became the subject of ridicule and fell into obscurity. Fifteen years later, the “hoverboard” – essentially a Segway without handlebars – somehow became one of the most sought-after Christmas gifts, with hundreds of factories in China churning out the two-wheeled trendsetter.

Over the last year in China a more conventional two-wheeled transport machine, the bicycle, has become the latest craze, thanks to the rise of the sharing economy. Perhaps communism is about everyone sharing everything but the most recent business idea – mobile phone chargers – is being subjected to a lot of scepticism.

“If shared phone chargers can succeed I will eat shit. Mark my words.” Such was the bold stat...

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