Alipay’s Travel Tax Refund Service Arrives In Ten European Countries

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Chinese Internet payment platform Alipay will launch a travel value-added tax refund service in ten countries in Europe to allow consumers to complete tax refunds by scanning codes with its app instead of waiting in line at the refund counters.

With this service, Chinese tourists will be able to realize tax refunds via code scanning and the refund money will be transferred to their Alipay accounts in Chinese Yuan.

Due to complicated procedures and slow payments into their accounts, some Chinese tourists in the past gave up their tax refund opportunities. Chinese media reports state that Chinese tourists lose nearly CNY1 billion in tax refunds in Europe annually.

According to Alipay, its new service may alleviate these problems. The service is jointly launched by Alipay and Global Blue, the world's largest tax refund organization; and i...

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