The Worst Fails Of Chinese Tech High-Flyers In 2016

As venture capital investors tightened their purse strings following often-unrealistic valuations, start-ups in China have suffered from a lack of funding since the latter part of 2015. According to Chinese start-up and venture data tracker IT Juizi, a total of 1,390 start-ups have shut operations as of mid-January, accounting for 3% of all Chinese start-ups.

2016 was particularly horrific for fund-thirsty start-ups, as 401 companies were unable to survive. The so-called O2O (online-to-offline), local services and e-commerce sectors were the most hit, with the majority of those failed companies operating in this market.

The impacted investors include the best and smartest in the industry, such as IDG Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, Morningside Venture Capital and Matrix Partners China.

We list here the most egregious...

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