China Telecom Aims At 1.15 Million 4G Base Stations In 2017

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Yang Xiaowei, general manager of China Telecom, revealed that China Telecom plans to have 1.15 million 4G base stations in 2017 and they will build the world's first low-frequency 4G network basing on the 800MHz frequency.

Yang made the comments during a terminal industry summit in Chongqing, and the company explained its development plans for 2017 in detail during the meeting.

At the same time, Yang clarified the future development direction of China Telecom. The company will cooperate with the entire industrial chain to establish five major business ecospheres, covering smart connections, smart homes, Internet finance, new ICT services, and Internet of Things. This meshes well with the government's "Internet Plus" strategy espoused by Premier Li Keqiang.

As the company rolls out its smart connections strategy, China Telecom said they...

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