Everything You Need To Know About The Man In Charge Of Ant Financial: Eric Jing

Ant Financial Services Group is known as China's biggest and most valuable financial technology company, but the man who's in charge of the Alibaba Group's financial affiliate remains a deeply mysterious non-public figure.

Eric Jing, 44, a veteran Alibaba executive and head of Alibaba's Alipay unit since 2009, rarely talks to the media or speaks at industry conferences.

He is so low-key for an executive in his position that a Google search of his name shows few results. For those that do show up, most are public company press releases.

In April, Jing donated US$5 million to his alma mater, the University of Minnesota. Nobody knew until the school released a public statement.

Alibaba announced on Monday that Jing Xiandong, which is his Chinese name, will replace long-term director of the board, Jonathan Lu, as member of the Inte...

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