British Telecom Tests VPN Service In Shanghai Free Trade Zone

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British telecom operator BT just submitted an application to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to gain a license to operate a value-added telecom business in China's Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

The license is related to BT's VPN value-added service, which it sells to companies in China who rely on virtual private networks. There are many companies who already provide VPN services in China, including China Unicom, China Telecom, 21Vianet, Diyixian, and Neusoft, but many foreign companies choose foreign providers like BT or AT&T for these types of services in China.

The company said no further detail is available on the scope of their VPN service as they have not yet received their license.

Both foreign and Chinese media often erroneously report that VPN services are illegal in China, but these types of pri...

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