Who Knew Chinese Food Delivery Could Get So Big?

News Source: ChinaTechNews.com

Now that Ele.me's agreement with Alibaba and Ant Financial for a combined USD1.25 billion investment is signed, the company has big plans for burning the cash on delivering meals in China.

Ele.me will first cooperate with Taobao mobile and Alipay to provide high-quality meal delivery services to more users in China. Combining the online advantages of Alibaba and the offline advantages of Ele.me will help cover more consumers and create a complete O2O closed loop.

The emphasis on high-quality is important, because last month Chinese media like CCTV exposed bug-infested dirty meals delivered by Ele.me. The hit to Ele.me's quality control and brand didn't seem to dent their fundraising abilities though.

At the same time, Ele.me will begin wide cooperation with Ant Financial in credit, insurance, and financial loan services. The medium-...

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