What Does Alibaba’s IPO Mean For Global Investment?

News Source: ChinaTechNews.com

Media have been opining and hyping Alibaba's USD21.8 billion IPO impact on the global Internet ecosystem and how the company plans to invest its new wealth.

Unlike most IPOs, many early investors in Alibaba will have no lock-up period and they can sell their shares today. Though CEO Jack Ma pledged that customers are more important than investors to Alibaba's growth, this uncommon nod towards investors may instead be a bellwether to how insiders view Alibaba's future. If those investors sell on the first day, it may solidify the Chinese technology insider rumors over recent years that Alibaba fears a slowdown of its growth in China. This IPO may then just be an exit for those investors who feared future losses if the company remained private.

So with a China slowdown, the company is expected to seek growth overseas in places like Brazil, Sout...

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