JD.com Goes Social With Mobile Instant Messaging App

News Source: ChinaTechNews.com

Chinese B2C e-commerce website JD.com announced the launch of its free instant messaging product "Jingdong Dongdong" for individual users.

This product is mainly used for communications between individual users. It also has a customer service consulting function. JD.com previously released the PC beta version of this product and the one launched this time is an application for mobile devices.

JD.com said that compared with the previous Web version, the new Jingdong Dongdong client adds more functions such as friend directory, group chat, screenshots, and file sending. It also supports the personalized settings of nickname and avatar creations.

In addition, users can check store information, product information, and gain popular product information via this app. They can then add the related products to their shopping carts.

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