China Unicom Unveils Linux Smartphone System To Rival Apple’s iOS

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Chinese telecom operator China Unicom, which currently is an official reseller of the Apple iPhone, has launched its self-developed smartphone operating system, Wophone, which the company claims to be the first smart terminal operating system with independent intellectual property rights in China.

China Unicom reportedly started the development of the operating system and the basic software platform in 2008. After three years' efforts, the Wophone operating system is finally launched and is expected to benefit the research and development of mobile phones based on China Unicom's WCDMA network.

China Unicom revealed that Chinese and overseas mobile phone manufacturers, including Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, TCL, and Sony Ericsson, will launch the first batch of mobile phones using the Wophone OS this year, challenging Google's Android,...

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