China’s Ourgame Made Losses Of CNY34.48 Million In 2009

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The glow for online games in China might be dimming, as SeaRainbow Holding Corporation Limited, the owner of the Chinese online leisure game platform Ourgame, has revealed the financial statistics of Ourgame for the year of 2009, stating that the company lost over CNY34.48 million in 2009.

According to the statistics revealed in local media reports, Beijing Ourgame Computer Technology's total operating revenue in 2009 was CNY24.89 million and it made net losses of CNY14.318 million. In addition, Ourgame Assets Limited, the overseas joint venture by SeaRainbow and NHN from South Korea, realized total operating revenue of CNY123 million and it made net losses of CNY20.166 million. With the combining of the two companies, Ourgame lost a total of CNY34.48 million in 2009.

This has been the second time for Ourgame to make losses since it opened it...

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