Rumor: PayPal To Cooperate With Alibaba For Online Payments In China

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EBay's online payment subsidiary PayPal is negotiating with the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, aiming to introduce its online payment service in China into Alibaba's worldwide site of AliExpress.

According to reports in local Chinese media, if the two parties can reach an agreement, U.S. consumers will be able to remit their money to China via PayPal, which will not only help PayPal expand its business in China, but also will aid Alibaba's entry into overseas markets.

AliExpress is a new wholesale marketplace launched by in 2009, offering wholesale prices on even the smallest orders. With minimum orders as low as 1 item, secure escrow payment, and express delivery with full tracking, AliExpress claims to be the one-stop shop for online sourcing.

However, the default payment option for AliExpress is, the on...

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