Alipay Starts Collecting Service Fees In China

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Chinese third-party Internet payment platform Alipay has announced that it will start to collect a certain proportion of service charges from users with large-scale trading and the new policy will take effect from January 1, 2009.

At the same time, the company promises to continue to provide free services to ordinary users.

According to the report published by Alipay, which is owned by Internet B2B company Alibaba, it will offer a monthly CNY5,000 free trading volume to each user. For those whose actual trading volume exceeds the specified amount, Alipay will charge service fees at a certain proportion. The report adds that users who select and buy products on the company's sister auction website and complete the transaction via Alipay are not included in the new policy, which means they still do not need to pay any service fee. The...

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