Tianya.cn Launches Chinese Internet Lottery Sales Platform

News Source: ChinaTechNews.com

China's Web 2.0 community website Tianya.cn has launched a lottery sales platform, on which users can buy lottery tickets and withdraw lottery prizes via the Internet.

The lottery platform of Tianya.cn not only offers winning information on lotteries, but also provides online purchase services. By recharging their accounts on the website, users can select numbers, buy lottery tickets and withdraw money from their accounts.

However, Tianya.cn's new business has been challenged by Chinese netizens voicing their disapproval online, because according to prior notices published by the Chinese government, it is prohibited to sell lottery items through the Internet. In regards to this issue, a representative from Tianya.cn says that the lottery platform is a cooperation result of Tianya.cn and 500wan.com and it is operated by 500wan.com. The represen...

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