Countdown Looms For BTCC’s Bitcoin Trading End

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As BTCC enters its final week of Bitcoin trading operations, all eyes are on how the impact of the shutdown of all cryptocurrency enxchanges in China is rocking the price of Bitcoins around the world.

As of this afternoon in China, Bitcoin is trading only at 1% less than it was a week ago. But during this past week, prices have ranged from US$3519 to US$4099.

China's leading Bitcoin platform BTCC announced two weeks ago that it would cease registering new users, and the company will stop all trading businesses from September 30, 2017. The news caused a dive of Bitcoin price by nearly 30%.

BTCC said that according to the initial coin offering rules issued by China's seven regulatory bodies, they decided to stop the registration of new users and they will further stop all trading businesses on September 30, 2017.

On September 4, t...

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