Tencent’s AI Research Lab Sets Record At Facial Recognition Contest

Tencent YouTu Lab, a machine learning-focused artificial intelligence research lab under Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd., has set a record by achieving an 83.29% recognition rate in the MegaFace challenge, an internationally recognized test known for its high level of difficulty.

This is the second time YouTu Lab has achieved a world record, following its recent record in the Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) face database challenge in March 2017.

With data training based on two million Western faces and four million Asian faces, YouTu achieved an 83.29% recognition rate in a test to recognize a million faces in the MegaFace challenge. Notably, the YouTu algorithm demonstrated the scope of its applicability when it set new records in both LFW and MegaFace databases.

In the massive facial recognition test, the recognition rate for an interference set of...

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