Chinese Companies Face Sustained Challenge In The IPO Market

The IPO market remained tough during the second quarter, as 59 Chinese companies completed initial public offerings globally during the past three months, down 57.86% year-on-year. Aggregate fundraising from these IPOs reached RMB25.5 billion, down 85.64% year-on-year, according to data from ChinaVenture.

(Bars are total fundraising value and dots are numbers of IPOs)

Thirty-seven Chinese companies completed IPOs on the domestic A-share market, while 19 floated in Hong Kong's H-share market and two was listed in the U.S. One company made its debut on the Australian Stock Exchange.

These IPOs allowed 49 private equity and venture investors to exit, as 13 Chinese companies were backed by these private investors. The investors generated an average return of 1.68 times of investments, down 33% year-on-yea...

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